Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture 2011!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms provide diverse produce with a community-oriented approach. On CSA farms members of the community buy "shares" for a portion of farm produce and as such share in the costs of food production and local sustainable agriculture.
The CSA movment aims to strengthen people's connection to their food, its sources and each other.

for more information on CSAs click here to read from MACSAC's website.

2011 Eau Claire area CSA selection!!!

- Sunbow Farm of Eau Claire, Wisconsin - Shares Available! Membership Form

-Turnip Rock of New Auburn, Wisconsin - Shares Available! Internships too! Membership Form

- Sylvan Hills of Menomonie, Wisconsin - Shares Available! Membership Form

- Dragsmith Farms of Barron, Wisconsin - Shares Available! (greenhouse = year round option)!
- Dragsmith Farms info

- Jackson Hollow in Mondovi, Wisconsin - Shares Available! Membership Form

-Blackberry Hills in Wheeler, Wisconsin - Shares Available! Membership Form

-S & D Produce in Eau Claire, WI - Shares Available! Membership Form


Eric Anderson said...

Don't forget about Jackson Hollow.

Shawn Bartholomew said...

Or S & D Produce

Zacarías said...

more great info on csa's at

Richard C. Lambert said...

I always get a bounty of vegetables from surprisingly small amount of space. animal fencing

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