Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Foodlums input on UWEC's new food contract

The Foodlums would like to invite you to participate in our University's next food contract. The process begins with a request for proposals (RFP) to solicit a dining services provider. This is the critical step – companies then bid to do what the university requests. IF UWEC wants chicken nuggets and popsicles at every meal, companies will put in bids for how they will make it happen. If UWEC says they want only real, Wisconsin cheese and no imitations or out-of-state imports, companies’ bids will have to demonstrate how they will meet this requirement. If UWEC says it wants, a local coffee shop to provide our coffee and a local Hmong restaurant to provide our Asian food, then we should be able to get it. Imagine the possibilities. While we have had several meaningful collaborations with Sodexho (UWEC's current dining services and food provider) we also acknowledge that there appear to be many more opportunities for local, healthy and sustainable food options for our students, faculty, and visitors to our University. It begins with UWEC’s request for what it wants and expects.

Look for places in our current contract that could be improved in our efforts to bring about a campus food system that will consider local economies, the environment, quality food, education, personal health and delicious foods. If UWEC strives for excellence, excellence should be expected of our food. Let’s make it happen.

Click here to view UWEC's Request For proposal for dining services

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Chris said...

Here's my brain.

Let's, in accordance with it's new "Commitment to Sustainability", get the University to stop purchasing cereal from all the major corporations. Instead, all the cereal on campus could come from "Mom's Best Naturals". They don't use H.F.C's, no artificial flavoring or colos, no artificial preservatives. And it tastes, I'd say better, but atleast just as good as the major brands.

And here's the 'green' part.


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