Friday, January 27, 2012

First spring semester meeting today! 1/27

Join us in Phillips 119 for our first meeting of the semester! We will be planning out our semester, so come to pitch in some great ideas.

This semester will consist largely of garden planning, honey bees, and a few other exciting things as well!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pizza Party

Friday evening, April 29th, after a long-awaited, garden-work meeting, the Foodlums will be unwinding with a  

Pizza Party. 

In Foodlums Fashion, the crust will be handmade with ethical, local ingredients and perspective pizza eaters will be asked to bring the toppings.
Things that you might consider bringing for toppings :
Your favorite secret and delicious sauce
Also bring: Your own plate and silverware

The post-gardening party will go down at Tehya and Erin's house (720 Broadway) after we are done in the garden. From the garden, a bike brigade will mosey on over to the pizza house, singing earth-loving songs and sporting dirt-caked hands. 
If you come to the garden and no one is there, the Pizza Party has started and you should go to 720 Broadway.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Progressive Film Festival Food Fanatics Fun Film Picks

Here are some Foodlum inspired films being shown at the 5th Annual Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival. Check them out and all of the other great films if you get a chance:

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

12:00 P.M: "Tapped" Hibbard 321

"a behind-the-scenes look into the unregulated and unseen world of the bottled water industry, an industry that aims to privatize and sell back the one resource that ought never to become a commodity: our water."

2:30 P.M.: "The End of the Line" Hibbard 321

Exploring the tragic collapse of the cod fishery in Newfoundland in the 1990s, the imminent extinction of the prized blueefin tuna, and the devastation caused by illegal catches and surpassed fishing quotas, this film uncovers the dark ecological story behind our love affair with fish as food."

Monday, April 4th 2011

7:30 P.M.: "Bananas!*" Hibbard 102

"On behalf of twelve Nicaraguan banana workers, he is tackling Dole Food in a ground-breaking legal battle for their use of a banned pesticide that was known by the company to cause sterility"

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