Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Who are the Foodlums?

The Foodlums make up UWEC's new academic and social organization serving both the university and the broader Eau Claire community. Our organization sponsors events such as public lectures, creates service learning opportunities for Eau Claire and beyond and raises awareness of sustainable, local and delicious foods!

Please contribute stories about your local food experiences, this is open to your own cooking, shopping, restauranting, foodluming or whatever!

Tell us about a local product that you just loved, we're open to any ideas on this 'Foodlum Hotline!'

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Jen said...

Love the website guys! I could read and read and read and find myself miles from where I started. (hmmm...sounds vaguely like some of our food...) Anyway, it was great to meet a few of you tonight, I look forward to more lively conversation and events.

Foodlums Abode