Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Support the Foodlums!

The Foodlums are doing as much as possible to make durable and progressive change in our community, on our campus and in our immediate student body. We are always looking for new energy in the forms of membership, ideas, volunteering, or even monetary support. To accommodate those that are most interested in supporting this 'local' movement through monetary (tax deductible!) donations we have established a Foodlums foundation account through UWEC!

Please visit these links For more information on making a gift... or for our online credit card form...

We greatly appreciate any level of donation that you are able to make and look forward to putting it toward our campus garden, inviting food scholars and authors to speak at our school, hosting community meals, and much much more. Under Gift designation please specify the recipient as the "local Food Fund (1787)" Thank you so!

All donations are welcome but we promise to continue to provide our university and community with such lively events as our local hot dawg and chili feeds (link to various posters, photos, etc), continuing presence at Eau Claire’s downtown Farmers Market, Earth day, and other events.

Partnerships with Western Wisconsin and Foodlums related ventures provide the Foodlums with a handsome commission for Foodlum memo'd sales. For fantastic compost for your garden, potting soil for this spring's seed starters or a stunning compost pot for your kitchen (to artistically fulfill any green new years resolutions) please visit the following links...

COWSMO compost and potting soil sales

Hummingbird Studio compost pots

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