Thursday, January 17, 2008

Local Food Systems Awareness Project

Agency/Organization: UWEC WMNS

Project Description: Local Food Systems Awareness Project goals: -to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of buying local foods; -to increase consumer awareness of the local and regional products currently offered through their grocer; -to survey and gain insight from consumers as to what local/regional products they would likely purchase if they were available. This will be accomplished by working with 3-4 local grocery stores in setting up informational booths with students providing information to consumers on the topic and administering a brief survey. Graduating senior, Tracy Phillippi will provide project coordination including making contacts with grocers, recruiting and training student volunteers, creating the publicity and informational copy, developing and compiling the survey, and ultimately, presenting the results at upcoming pertinent conferences. My role will be to provide supervision, feedback, and support to Tracy throughout the project.

Time Commitment: 15 hours (half requirement)

Contact: Ms. Laurel Kieffer, 715-836-5717

Address: UWEC WMNS, Brewer 55, UWEC, Eau Claire, WI 54701


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