Thursday, January 10, 2008

Foodlums questions to students

we've come up with a few questions that we'd like to ask the student body to better target our energy, efforts and strategic planning.

please respond to the following questions by adding a comment to this post...

what are the obstacles to cooking in the dorms? (If living on campus or if recalling old dorm experiences)

What is your food budget (Excluding alcohol)? please give rough percentage of total budget

Where do you buy your food? (local groceries, just local foods, target, walmart, etc? would you like to know about options that are not part of the main stream? interested in a map? ratings on local selection?)

Where do you eat your meals? (home cooked? mostly restaurants? cafeteria? are you looking for new and sustainable options?)

Do you cook? (what helps you do so? what sacrifices do you make to do so? what are some benefits that you have discovered? is cooking a social or solitary endeavor? what makes it enjoyable? ie certain music, spices, smells, etc.)

Where do you prefer to eat food? (is it more comfortable to eat alone or with friends? do you eat on the fly or prefer to set the table and eat in a relaxed setting?)

What are the $$$ issues that affect your food choices? (does organic or local carry a undertone of high costs? do you pool food money with roomates? do you like grocery shopping? do you plan meals ahead of time?)

Is healthy food prevalent in your diet? (do you prefer eating real food or food that makes health claims on packaging? do salads, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc regularly become part of your meals? is it impossible to find healthy options at restaurants and the grocery store?

What is local/healthy/simple food's importance? (personally, socially, for your family, for your sanity, etc)


Anonymous said...

One things that seems to bother me is the cost of local and organic foods. On the surface, it seems like a shorter shipping distance would save money and be passed to the consumer. Why isn't this the case or if it actually is the case, where is an example?


Anonymous said...

Is there no answer to the question anonymous asked or did you just email each other?

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