Sunday, April 20, 2008

THIS WEEK'S Progressive Film Festival

Come Join the Foodlums for a FREE snack, a FREE movie and talk food THIS WEEK and going until Sunday, April 27th at the Progressive Film Festival!

Black Gold- Monday, April 21st, 8pm (Serving fair trade coffee from Equal Exchange, a Minneapolis company) IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE COFFEE YOU DRINK VISIT

The Price of Sugar - Thursday april 24th, 8pm (Serving Honey Hill Apiary's local honey from on fresh baked Foodlums bread) IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE SUGAR WE EAT VISIT

King Corn - Today! April 25th, 8pm (Serving Local Popcorn from Whole Grain Milling Company in Welcome, MN)

1 comment:

Dana said...

Thank you for showing Black Gold and Price of Sugar, both are films of value that consumers should see!


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