Saturday, May 3, 2008

A JLF Possibility...

As Just Local Food announced at their open house this Tuesday (4-29-08), they are exploring a few options for our new location, which we will finalize soon. One of the main contenders is across from the YMCA downtown, on the corner of Graham Avenue and Seaver Street. Our Co-Op has the opportunity to take long-term care of this site, rejuvenate a blighted spot in downtown and remain within blocks of the current location. It also has clear and realistic options for expanding on site, to meet future growth.

This is a conceptual drawing by a friend, Lori of the front of the possible new store. (this picture isn't a good representation of the drawing - sorry, the real one is at the store) There will be bike and handicap access, several vehicle parking spots and ample on-street parking nearby. As with any space we will occupy, it will undergo a thorough environmental analysis and all steps will be taken to ensure the safety and quality of the food , workplace and social environment for us all.

Another friend, Ken, drew a quick layout sketch for us. This shows how we would fit now, then expand over time to occupy a larger footprint. Getting excited? So are we!

Thoughts on building sites?

Want to help make it happen?

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