Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The ultimate ethical (Omnivore's) meal: a grey squirrel

While many summer foodlums are gardening in the foodlums garden, Demmler Park and peace gardens, shopping at the farmers market, connecting with CSA's, Just Local Food, etc. I've started to think about ways to start learning more of the art of hunting and gathering!

Please let the foodlums know if you have any experience in hunting wild foods of many sorts! morel and other mushrooms, wild berries, edible barks and wild flowers, and even squirrel and other wild critters would be dainty!

Also, We've just started keeping a foodlums calendar of events on the bottom of this website, please join us at all these events as they are public! Please let us know if you have any events or hear of any commnunity events that you'd like us to post and attend! Some of us are even happy to volunteer wherever and whenever possible!

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