Friday, April 17, 2009

AmeriCorps*VISTA Summer Associate

Eau Claire County Cooperative Extension
AmeriCorps*VISTA Summer Associate
Program Overview:

AmeriCorps*VISTA’s mission is to create and expand programs that ultimately help bring low-income people and communities out of poverty. The Eau Claire County AmeriCorps*VISTA will serve as a member of the Eau Claire County UW-Extension educator team. In cooperation with the educators, Eau Claire County Master Gardeners, and other community partners, the VISTA will reach underserved and underrepresented Eau Claire County audiences through work with community gardening activities and educational programs. Support will be provided for gardens at the Bolton Refuge House, North River Front, McDonough Park, Chippewa Head Start, and Session Street Apartments. Participants in community gardening projects learn about gardening and the importance of eating a healthy diet.

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