Friday, June 12, 2009

SUMMER SOLSTICE on Phoenix Park Labyrinth

While you have may seen the announcement in the Leader Telegram or Volume 1, this is your personal invitation to participate in this event. It will be on the Labyrinth in Phoenix Park beginning at 1:00 PM on Saturday June 20. As an honored guest you will likely be happy and uplifted by this celebration. The Farmers Market will be winding down at that time so you may wander toward the Labyrinth and the river and join us. We will celebrate the longest day of the year. This event is free, inclusive and appropriate for all ages. You could pack a picnic at the Farmers Market and spread your blanket in the theatre. You will have a chance to walk the Labyrinth or dance on it. Audience participation is encouraged. The program will include the following:

-International Folk Dancing and you can dance at that time.
-Roger and Matthew Anderson will do a guitar and singing.
-Patrick Kirsenlohr from Milwaukee will sing with Therese Schutte accompanying him with her guitar.
-There will be another chance to dance on the Labyrinth with the Integrative Dancers from the area.
-Therese Schutte from St. Paul will play her guitar and engage us with her singing.
-Patrick Kirsenlohr and family will stand on the entrance of the Labyrinth to lead singing "Let -There BE Peace on Earth" inviting the audience to join holding hands in a circle on the Labyrinth.

Loving thoughts and wishes to you.
Dennis Eikenberry

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