Thursday, October 8, 2009

LOCAL FOOD on Sacred Heart Hospital's NEW room service menu!!!

A Regional Leader

Bringing Locally-Produced Fresh & Nutritional Food to You

Because we’re committed to provide you the freshest, most nutritional, and best-tasting food, Sacred Heart Hospital pledges more than 10% of its food budget to purchasing products from local farms. These local products include beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, fish, cheese, ice cream, breads, jams, chocolates, strawberries and apples.

Our local producers and processors include:

Ledebuhr’s Meats (Winona MN)
Angel Acres (Mason)
Lo Fam Farm (Chippewa Falls)
Augusta Meats (Augusta)
Lorcrest Farms (Blair)
Blue Collar Café Jams (Hixton)
Matthew Buvala (Pepin)
Bullfrog Fish Farm (Menomonie)
Out to Pasture Beef (Fall Creek)
Castle Rock Organic Farms (Osseo)
Pat’s Country Market (Arcadia)
Coon Creek Family Farm (Mondovi)
Promise Farm Buffalo (Menomonie)
Crescent Meats & Catering (Cadott)
RiverWinds Farm (Boyd)
Deutsch Family Farm (Arcadia)
Romar Greenhouse (Augusta)
Ewes Rule the Farm (Cornell)
SunnySide Meadows (Dorchester)
Gunderson’s Meats (Mondovi)
Tschanz Farms (Blair)
HCH Farm (Ettrick)
West Road Farm (Ettrick)
Indee Locker (Independence)

A Franciscan commitment to our agricultural community & local economy

Local food is good medicine for our patients and our community. Because of this, Sacred Heart Hospital has led the local food effort in western Wisconsin and partnered with River Country RC&D to create the Producers & Buyers Co-op. As a partner in this innovative project, we’re helping open doors for other institutions
(hospitals, universities, schools, nursing homes) to also purchase local food. Thanks to the Co-op, our patients and cafeteria patrons and Meals-on-Wheels customers enjoy fresh local food products with greater nutrition and better taste. Leading the way for others to purchase local food is just one way Sacred Heart Hospital is
committed to its community. It’s a part of our historic Franciscan mission to benefit and support local family farms and our local economy.

For a brochure or member information on the Co-op,
please call (715) 834-9672.

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