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Garden Plots Available!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Andrew Werthmann

715-495-2451 or

Garden Plots Available!

Community Garden in Downtown Eau Claire now accepting applications! USDA study reports 49 million in US “Food Insecure”

In response to a Government Study released this week outlining massive hunger issues across the US, as well as growing public demand for quality local food sources, the newly formed Eau Claire Community Garden Association is announcing the availability of public garden plots in the Forest Street Green Space located just north of Phoenix Park. The application for plot rental should be attached to this message, if not please email Andrew

The United States Department of Agriculture reported this week that 49 million people in the US are “Food Insecure,” up 7.2% over 2008. It marks the largest annual increase in hunger amongst Americans since the government has been tracking this growing issue. About one third of the struggling households are “Very Low Food Security,” meaning they have difficulty simply purchasing food – while two thirds of the households may have some access but only to lower grade and nutritionally deficient food.*

“More and more people are realizing the importance of healthy local food,” said Andrew Werthmann, Coordinator of the Community Garden Association, “whether it’s for health reasons, cutting down on transportation and energy costs or simply to connect with the land and neighbors, we expect this to really take off.”

The group is partnering with The City of Eau Claire Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, which will oversee the tilling and start-up aspects of the project.

“We are excited to be a partner in the community garden concept and the Forest Street location is an excellent use of our public parks and open spaces,” said Phil Feiber, Director of the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department. “Connecting people to their environment and working toward building community is a goal of our department and we will continue to support other community gardens at Jeffers Road, Lakeshore Park, North Riverfronts Children’s Garden, and Demmler Parks.

Applications for the 20’ x 20’ garden plots are being accepted by Parks and Forestry. There are 40 plots available in 2010 and applicants will be accepted until all plots are adopted.

All applications should be mailed or turned in at The Eau Claire Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, 1300 First Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703. For more information please call (715) 839-5032.


*Web Source: New York Times Online:


Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Garden


Please complete the following information and return application and fee(s) to:

Park Maintenance Department

Marybeth Berry – Volunteer Coordinator

1040 Forest Street

Eau Claire, WI 54703

(715) 839-5039 Fax (715) 839-3823

Primary gardener contact: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________ Email: _____________________________________

Please indicate the following (I am interested in):

__ Single Plot (20´x 20´) $30.00 __ Double Plot (2 20´x20´s) $50.00 Make check out to: City of Eau Claire

I would like up to _____ additional single contiguous plots if available. Do not include payment for additional plots until you have received confirmation from the Volunteer Coordinator.

If you have any requests, or have any special needs regarding your garden plot, please let us know, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.


The City of Eau Claire will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damages, nor will the City of Eau Claire be responsible for any theft, damage to, loss of, or replacement of any belongings, equipment, materials, or tools, or plantings. There is no security for any personal belongings.

Failure to follow any garden or public area rules and regulations, after reasonable attempt to notify gardener, will result in loss of gardening plot. Gardener may seek to re-establish gardening privileges but is asked to stay out of the gardening area until the issue is resolved. The gardener will not be eligible for any refund or reimbursement for any seed, plantings, or other materials left at gardening site.

Please make sure that you have read and understand the attached rules and guideline sheet, and sign below indicating that you agree to the rules and conditions.

SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________ DATE ____________________


Gardener paid in full: _____ Yes _____ No

Gardener is a continuing plot holder: _____ Yes _____ No

Gardener has been assigned plot: _____

Eau Claire Community Garden

The goal of the Eau Claire Community Garden is to provide an area for individuals and families to garden, and to build and nurture community friendships to share and enhance gardening skills. Gardeners from year one will have first opportunity to continue their garden spots the following year and their plot will be reserved for them as soon as payment for the following year is made.

The Eau Claire Community Garden Association would like to encourage all plot holders to give some of their harvest to the hungry. There will be a donation bin at the garden and all donated produce will be given to a local food bank. Please compost spoiled or over ripe produce.

Eau Claire Community Garden Etiquette:

· Introduce yourself and build a stronger community!!

· If planting tall crops, do so where they won’t shade other garden plots.

· Weed and maintain your garden regularly.

· Remove pests and diseased plants often as they also quickly spread.

· Never borrow tools from another gardener without permission.

· Do not pick any planting from another plot even if you think that plot has been abandoned.

· Please walk with care, and do not trample surrounding plants in another plot.

· Do not remove plot markers. If unsure of boundaries contact Garden Coordinator.

· Children are welcome at the Garden; however please watch them and monitor their activities.

· Use personal music players instead of radios in the garden and please no cell phone use.

· Do not bring pets to the gardening area.

· Place all rocks removed from your garden in the designated area.

· If you have a concern or issue with a gardening neighbor please address it with him/her in a neighborly manner. If the issue cannot be resolved please contact the Gardening Coordinator.

2010 Community Garden Coordinator: Andrew Werthmann - 616 Wisconsin Street, Apt. #1,
Eau Claire, WI 54703 | Res. Phone: 495-2451 or by email:

Eau Claire Community Garden Planting Guidelines and Responsibilities

· I plan to attend the Work Weekend in May or will speak to the garden coordinator regarding work opportunities.

· I will plant my garden promptly.

· I will harvest all my plant material at the end of season as directed by the garden coordinator.

· I will prepare my plot for ground cover as directed by the garden coordinator.

· I will compost all plant material and carry out all garbage. I will not put trash in the compost pile.

· I will maintain my garden plot, including weeding. I will be notified if my plot is excessively weedy and will be given a reasonable period to clean it up. If I do not comply, my plot may be forfeited to another gardener.

· I will not plant trees, shrubs, etc. in the community garden.

· I will not use synthetic (non-organic) chemicals. For the health of our community, it is the goal of the community garden to have a natural garden, only natural defenses against insects and disease may be used. Pyrethrins, Rotenone and other neurotoxins are also prohibited. Other organic compounds may be disallowed - subject to a decision from the EC Community Garden Association.

· I will plant only annual plants (or remove and over-winter perennial plants elsewhere).

· I will not extend my garden past the plot markers. Or will be asked to remove plants that extend past the markers, and if not done in a 2 week period, plants may be removed without warning.

· I will keep aisles and walkways free of tools and weeds. I will not plant invasive species such as mint, comfrey etc. that may spread to other areas of the garden.

· If I must abandon my garden I will notify the Garden Coordinator as soon as possible.

· I will not bring pets to the garden.

· I will volunteer one day at the beginning of the season and end of the season to clean up the gardens.

· I understand neither the Community Garden association nor the City of E.C. are responsible for my actions.

Plots will be assigned on a first come first served basis, gardeners should tell organizers what they plan to grow. Plots need to be rotated based on what has been grown in each plot to minimize chances for disease and maximize probability for yield. We will make every attempt to accommodate everyone’s requests and try to fill plots in as fair a manner as we reasonably can.

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