Monday, November 2, 2009

A Message from Vandana Shiva: Help Us Fight For The Truth

A Message from Vandana Shiva: Help Us Fight For The Truth

dear foodlums,

Have you seen this advertisement? Couched deep within the green-washed rhetoric of a recent Monsanto ad is an egregious claim:

Producing more. Conserving more. Improving farmers’ lives. That’s sustainable agriculture. And that’s what Monsanto is all about.

Oh, really?

While the mainstream media and Big Ag pundits seem all too happy to watch how Monsanto and other biotech companies spin and co-opt the term “sustainability,” we at the Center for Food Safety (CFS) are on the front lines fighting against the corporate take-over of our food, farms, and future; advocating for REAL, sustainable, solutions to the problems of the biotech industrial agriculture model.

Over the next month, CFS will be bringing you videos from some experts with whom we work closely in the trenches—Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Anna LappĂ©, and CFS’s Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell—to help us tell you the real truth about the false claims put forth by Monsanto and other biotech companies. We’ll share with you why these leading activists support the work of the Center for Food Safety.

CFS has been fighting on your behalf since 1997. We have accomplished a lot – we’ve stopped GMO crops including wheat, rice, and alfalfa, and also dangerous pharmaceutical-producing crops. We’ve beat Monsanto in the courts, but they have the substantial resources to continue to challenge CFS; just this week, they asked for the U.S. Supreme Court to consider yet another appeal of our successful lawsuit stopping GMO alfalfa.

We can only accomplish these victories with the support of members like you. Please join Vandana Shiva in supporting our work, to raise the funds we need to continue to fight Monsanto in the courts, and to combat the twisted version of “sustainability” biotech company marketers are trying to foist on the world. We need your help, right now, to raise our goal of $100,000 this Fall — less than the amount Monsanto spent on just ONE AD on the back page of The New Yorker (about $140,000), to support our important work.


In this week’s video, Vandana Shiva, founder and director of Navdanya in India, leader in the Slow Foods Movement, and author of the recently released book, Soil not Oil, shares the tragic story of farmers pushed into intractable debt, and some to suicide, by the economy of biotech crops, and why she supports the work of the Center for Food Safety.

Please help us meet our goal of $100,000 dollars this fall by donating as generously as you can and becoming a paid member of CFS today. Our members are our most important asset, and we have provided you with cutting-edge research and reports, timely and effective action alerts, and petitions to help make your voice heard for free all of these years because of it. If you appreciate all that you have received from the Center for Food Safety and our True Food Network over the years, and want to help us continue our important work, please show us with a generous contribution!

Help us show the world that Monsanto’s vision is NOT our vision. Thank you for your support!

PS – Don’t forget to choose a thank you gift from our drop-down list when you donate! Get a copy of Your Right to Know, Soil Not Oil, the film “Food, Inc”, our Non-GMO Shopping Guide, and more!


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