Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ECLUCK - Eau Claire Leaders for Chicken Keeping


Pecking Away at Convention
The initials “EC” are frequently used to represent this fair city. They’re also used in conjunction with other initials to indicate groups within the city, like the recently formed ECLUCK. While the part-acronym cleverly suits the purpose of this group, it should be emphasized that ECLUCK’s main interest lies in what those first two initials represent for its residents. “E-CLUCK” stands for Eau Claire Leaders for Urban Chicken Keeping. The group is still in its infancy – more of a discussion than an organization. ECLUCK does have a Facebook page, which links the keeping of urban hens to progress toward sustainability, much like community gardening. The group’s first obstacle is an Eau Claire City Ordinance that reads: “No person, firm, or corporation shall keep, feed, or breed any domestic fowl.” According to one of the members of the ECLUCK discussion, Paul Kaldjian, “The ultimate goal is to have it a permissible activity in the city with the city’s full support.“ Kaldjian touted the health and economic benefits of “controlling your own food.” An educational benefit also exists. Kaldjian stated, “We’re becoming advocates for farmers by teaching our kids where food comes from.” At this early stage, the group seeks other ‘like-minded’ people. Those who feel EC could stand for “evolving conventions” can join the discussion at ECLUCK’s Facebook page.

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