Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bike race/ cook-off/ picnic/ kickball game/ space race

Foodlums founding vice-president, Trevor "Hot-Todders" Peterson, had an idea to have a cook-off (similar to our squash-off in the fall), but start it out with a bike-race around town to pick-up ingredients from different check-points.

The event will take off from the council oak tree at 2pm on Sunday, April 18th and will be a sort of space race... to the extent that everyone must wear a space related costume.

Don't worry if you aren't a fast biker. We will be racing in two friendly teams, which will be the cook-off teams.
Don't worry about this event interfering with your afternoon tea. The rules mandate that we must all break for 4:00 tea at Infinitea.
Don't worry about the cook-off recipes. Recipes will be created during the race.
Don't worry if you don't know Eau Claire very well. There will be maps and people who do know the city.

The culmination of this spectacular event will be a picnic during which food will be shared and kickball will be played. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team.
Bring your bike, $3- $5, a space related costume, and a sense of adventure and have a blast (-off?) this Sunday.

Check out last weeks minutes for more details.

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