Friday, February 8, 2008

Foodlums Hot Dawg and Chili Sale!

Greetings fellow Foodlums! I thought I would extend an invitation and a reminder that on Wednesday February 13 we will be having our fantabulous local hot dog and chili sale in the lobby of Phillips! We will be selling dogs and chili from 11-2 and all the help and extra hands we can get will be great! And even if you can't stay and work for a bit, stop by and grab a tasty local lunch! Also, please tell your friends and feel free to write invitations up on classroom white boards! The more the merrier!

So thats the Foodlums Hot Dawg and Chili sale this coming Wednesday (February 13) from 11-2 in the lobby of Phillips Science building! See you there!

Peace, love, and keep toasty!


Zacarías said...

Thanks to everyone that shared a delicious and local hotdawg with us today!

While we had a great time meeting new foodlums, we also made a good chunk of change to put into our garden, into projects in the community (earth day, taste of Eau Claire, farmers market, campus kitchens, etc) and into future foodlum dinners, speakers, activism, etc.

Now that we apparently have this down to a science, can we plan on having a monthly foodlum hotdawg feed? Please consider this possibility, consider volunteering to make it happen, consider areas for growth of improvements, areas to preserve, etc.

If we would like to do this, I propose that we stick with the second Wednesday of the month (March 12th & April 9th). Please look at your exam/project schedules and leave a comment under this post saying if you’d be game, I look forward to the next sale and the possibility of what we might be able to undertake with those rewards we may reap.

Reminder, we still have our weekly foodlums gathering this Friday at 3pm in Phillips 219. Please consider buying some of our leftover hotdawgs and hotdawg buns at cost and email our presidente if you are interested.


Wendy said...

i dont know about other people, but the week of the 12th is pretty busy because it is the week before break. pretty sure all my profesors decided i needed tests that week. could we maybe move it to the week after break?
the food was delicious today!

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