Wednesday, November 25, 2009

very important news on the raw milk front

Hello all,

Below is some very important news on the raw milk front. Please do call your representatives, and read the helpful hints below for maximum effectiveness - real change is imminent.

The time we have been waiting for is here. The draft of the raw milk bill is in circulation within the assembly and senate of Wisconsin. This draft will be in circulation until December 4.

Now is the time to make two very important phone calls. Call your representatives in the assembly and senate this week, preferably before November 27.
Ask each representative to sign on to the Kreitlow/Danou raw milk bill LRB3242/3. Be courteous and let them know you would like them to co-sponsor this draft of the bill which would allow the sale of raw milk and milk products.
This is strictly a numbers game. You need to say no more. At this point representatives simply keep track of numbers to make their decisions.

Do not call more than once.

Be sure each voting member of your household makes their own call on a different day (not back to back calls).

Do not call any representatives who are outside of your district.

Do not call if you live outside of Wisconsin. Calls or contacts from people out of the state must not happen. Action like that will backfire.

This is action not activism. We are working within the legislature, not against it. Let's be sure everyone does this right. Heroes will just set things back.

Any organization or individuals who empathize with us and our goal are encouraged to help by also making calls to their representatives in Madison. Ask them to co-sponsor this draft.

The more calls we get to Madison from around the whole state encouraging co-sponsorship, the better the chances to get this bill passed.

So be sure to call and get others to call. Use any good connections you may have.

A draft of the proposed bill is available here:
WI Raw Milk Bill LRB 3242-3

The Wisconsin State Representative Contact List:
WI State Representatives Contact List

The Wisconsin State Senators Contact List:
WI State Senators Contact List

Make copies to hand out as we continue to drum up support.

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