Thursday, December 10, 2009

winter solstice with you!
On the longest night of the year we will have a celebration of Light, Warmth, and Peace. We will celebrate Winter Solstice on Sunday December 20 at 1:00 PM on Phoenix Gardens along Forest Street. We invite you to participate in making it happen and ask you to get the word out to others who would enjoy celebrating the shortest day of the year. It will be inclusive celebration appropriate all ages.
We will begin by recognizing the Four Winds based on Native American tradition that includes recognizing the Great Mystery that dwells in all people. That includes all of us. So that means that WE will co create the celebration that will happen that day on that place. It will be spontaneous and intuitive.
The Eau Claire Fire Chief has told us that we can have a fire and in late December a fire would be good for a celebration. There are 2 conditions for having a fire: (1) have a fire ring in addition (2) at least five gallons of water on the site. We ask YOU to bring stones and build the fire ring. After we have a stone fire ring we will build a fire and ask you to bring the firewood to make the fire. We also ask you to bring water for safety. Each of us based on our resources and abilities will make it happen. Among all of us there will be at least one fire keeper. Please consider bringing food to share with our neighbors.
You know your gifts and talents and I encourage you to share your gifts and encourage your friends to do the same. Many of you are musical and some know about games and activities that work with a number of people. From building a fire ring, building a fire, entertaining ourselves and eat together--we will do it.
If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know. And please forward this informaqtion to people you know would like to be having a mid winter celebration on the river. We have been building community on the garden place for the past year and we are connecting with the Earth again. The soil has been plowed, compost and leaves are turned into the ground. Next spring we will be planting seeds down there. And winter is a good time to honor all of that, relax and celebrate.

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