Saturday, January 2, 2010

communicación desde Comayagua, Honduras

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I´m over joyed to be writing a first post from Comayagua, Honduras... I´m traveling to visit organic and fair trade coffee farmers in honduras and guatemala. Tomorrow we will be up and out on the mountain well before the sun, checking in with many honduran family run coops or small coffee growers, making sure that their needs are being fairly met and that they are receiving the hard earned premium for organic growing practices.  These beans are the seeeds and monetary foundation for community projects and infrastructure for continued growth and cooperation. for more info on farmer to farmer please visit their website, become a member and receive quarterly updates on different projects. Look for notices through just local food for future trips where you can also get involved and enjoy the beauty and compassion for our shared future. 

keep an eye out for updates on Honduras and then also learn about growers in Guatemala, ask thefolks at Just Local Food to show you what coffee we´re sampling and have a cup to warm up or take home a bag of honduran or guatemalan (farmer to farmer or just coffee!) café to share with family and friends.

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