Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get ready for bees, raised beds, fruit trees, and a new garden manager!

The fantastic UWEC Environmental Endeavors Commission has allocated funds to the Foodlums to support a whole slew of improvements to the garden and new projects to begin in the spring 2011 semester.

  • We will be the proud parents of two colonies of bees with the task of making them feel at home on our campus. Three lucky foodlums will be able to attend a bee-keeping workshop this winter to learn how to tame these beautiful beeings.
  • Raised beds are now officially paid for and will require people power to plan this winter and build in the spring.
  • Funding for six new fruit trees is now available for Foodlums to plant the aspiring fruit-producers in and around the garden.
  • The most exciting addition to the Foodlums-- a PAID garden manager position.
Thank you EEC.

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