Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fermentation Workshop

Our last meeting of the semester will be Friday, December 10th and we intend to leave for winter hibernation with some new food in tow.
There will be a fermentation workshop to try different recipes for fermented vegetables.
The star ferment recipe will be kim-chi, a spicy Korean mixture of fermented cabbage and raddish among other things.
Other fermentation recipes will be concocting as well.**

Please come and join us, but make sure to bring a jelly jar or two so you can bring some home to eat (after waiting the appropriate fermentation period, of course)
See you Friday at 3 in the usual Phillips 119*

*Our location may change, so if room 119 is empty, check the chalk board for further direction
**If you have a fermented vegetable recipe of your own, please bring the ingredients and come prepared to share your knowledge

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